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  • Ed! The Alchemist! I am going to post this for the Zelda fans out there!. That I am currently working very hard on a Big Legend of Zelda sequel movie to the original Return to the lands film!. If anyone has seen it. The Zelda movie coming will take place three years later from Breath of the Wild!.And will be the final chapter in the Zelda Trilogy. Plus it shall be better than the original Return to the lands!. The coming Zelda movie wont be out until 2021! but look for the trailer in some months!. The title of this Zelda movie will be The Legend of Zelda: A Breath between worlds. Thanks
    Jul 22

  • Steve Freeling Escaflowne is amazing. Also, I'm pretty salty about Hulu not picking up season three of Sailor Moon Crystal.
    May 13

  • Anesthasia Chi Sho what do we have here? complete!
    Jun 26

  • Richie Eto - chi ! ;-;
    Tue at 1:43 AM

  • PIRATA (YAKUZA BOSS MlKKAKU) had to make a new acc because i cant get into my old one. maymay or meeko help me out w that pls?
    8 hours ago