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  • ViDeGod Why is it that if someone states something that sounds or looks sad, They assume they're depressed?
    May 9

  • Mr.Biscuit I lost someone very close to me. It happened a couple of months ago... We were very close friends and we shared everything, but I had to leave since we had continues confliction. I should have understood her situation but my pain was important at that time. I disconnected her from all social media, I shouldn't get in touch with her. Two months passed! My Birthday! I never celebrated and nothing good happened on my birthday. Since last birth she forgot to wish me, I thought she would at least wish me this time. I didn't get anything from her. I contacted her friends and they said she left social media long back ago. I tried my best to contact her but seems like she doesn't want anyone. She helped me a lot which I can't forget and she gave so many sweet memories which can't forget either. Now it's all clear that we won't be talking again, wish I had a chance to thank her and say I miss her. So before or when you are about to get into a fight, just try to calm down and take a deep breath and think what it will be like after a month or year.
    3 hours ago

  • rainbowsensei anyone care to chat?
    May 19

  • Nαnαe ❀ Unbelievable
    May 19

  • MissyLee Looking forward to spending the day playing 7 Days To Die and relaxing on the couch :D 
    January 1, 2017