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  • SoraKH anyone miss the old site layout?
    Feb 9

  • sakuto I liked the older set up
    September 24, 2015

  • Anna H. FINALLY! After 2 weeks, we have Wi-Fi again. You have no idea how frustrating it has been. Because we've had no Internet connection for the last 2 weeks, we canceled our Internet service with AT&T and switched to Spectrum this afternoon. Let me tell you, our online connection is MUCH better and faster with Spectrum. God knows it never was with AT&T. Even the speed of working on my website is faster! AT&T's garbage service has always been a ripoff. It was a ripoff when I was a college student YEARS ago and it still is garbage today. I didn't want to pay for their ripoff phone service for my dorm room years ago but had no choice because Parkside had AT&T as our service. Hell, AT&T's cell phone service was just as awful as Sprint's. Well, long story short, Spectrum's Internet service is WAY better than AT&T's. We should've dropped AT&T sooner.
    December 7, 2019

  • puko family guy funny moments
    Jan 31