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  • Chief Inquisitor Mayaku You're gonna destroy my love With your actions you destroy my heart You give me always bad surprises tell me tell me why You treat my feelings like a toy Baby make up make up make up Your mind's time wake up They gave us just one life to live Baby love and love and love me love is what is worthing The most important thing to give But you're Killing my love and it will destroy me But you're Killing love my heart's disappointing I'll love you forever but please don't say never I'll keep your remember so deep in my heart
    Oct 23

  • Kabochiii (Digiti) Goodnighty! Please don't make pumpkin pies from me, cooking club >.>
    Jan 19

  • ChinpoLover I'll be back bai baiiiiiiiiiii
    Jun 5

  • LOLBIT hello guys i hope we can be friends^^ im glady to be here and nice to meet u all
    Oct 25

  • Beauty You’re a great friend. Thank you for being here for me whenever I need it ❤️
    Jan 13

  • Detective Wumpus. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. ~
    Sep 27

  • samantha juderias bored out of my mind
    Mon at 9:52 AM

  • King Alucard WoA discord server in progress... Anyone interested?
    Mon at 2:49 AM