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  • ♆ ʟʊƈɨʄɛʀ ♆ Shoot, it sure is quiet around here.
    July 20, 2019

  • MissyLee Looking forward to spending the day playing 7 Days To Die and relaxing on the couch :D 
    January 1, 2017

  • Queen This is so weird, I don't know anyone ????
    Jan 7

  • Indigo I doubt anyone was wondering but, I'm still around, I've just been busy with work, and life.
    September 30, 2018

  • ViDeGod How sad can somebody be, to create dummy accounts here just to experience a talk with girls, That's just sad
    November 19, 2019

  • Satanhanasker Hello
    Jan 10