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  • Cheesus Crust Dick cheese. ????
    Jul 9

  • George Playing Shining Resonance refrain is like going through real life -_- the game doesnt tell you much, and niether the internet. lol the fucks a pressure cauldren, why does it "increase the amount of something that can be made"? they definitly arnt talking about crafting or cooking, lol it doesnt change a thing. and most the games like that! cool sounding names, vague effects, and the internet has zero info on any of it. :P god this is like highschool all over again. LMFAO
    July 19, 2018

  • Gray Fullbuster General chat!!
    November 13, 2018

  • Aley-Boo hey wanna be friends then add me ^^ pwease im alone ????
    Nov 21

  • jaiden warner here my gmail
    Mar 11

  • Chesƶ hmmm hullo
    December 12, 2018

  • Skylar Jackson Currently writinga story in which I want to make the characters as realistic as possible. Since there are things that I have never experiencd, I want to see if letting people experienced in certain fields create the characters. The characters are: A male that enjoys sports, but not too seriously. The male is friendly, but competitive and open to new ideas. A female that enjoys bein with the male (as friends). Enjoys being around friends and hates gossip. She Also likes art, yet isn't close with her family. Her friends kind of are her family. If you are interested in doing this, just reply to this post with a character sheet with these fields filled out: Hobbies Likes: Dislikes: Interests: Etc. Sorry for the vague information, but it is sort of a test, so it is fine.
    Jan 24

  • ❤ Princess Miku Hatsune 初音ミク ❤ Miku Here, Please come visit my profile, I did upgrades on it, I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving I know i will, please leave me messages & I will love to answer them. Love, Miku
    Nov 5