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  • Kanna hello everyone!
    July 6, 2018

  • reallyriah "I'm so tired of love songs, so tired of love... just wanna go home."
    Feb 8

  • Shigeru Expectation Brings No Satisfaction
    July 3, 2017

  • veronica sooo.... Crunchyroll is finally letting me see Attack on titan ???? kinda excited
    3 hours ago

  • Naoki-sama-Nya! (shironeko) it's been a while since i've heard from you, just texting to see if you're ok
    May 17

  • BrOoKlYn I need more questions for my q and a guys just ask me anything. Even if its basic questionsz.
    May 16

  • Bacabana Some exemple of very good anime : NG Knight Lamune & 40 Nadia: Secret Of Blue Water (Only the first half) Akazukin Chacha Urusei Yatsura Blue Seed
    Apr 12

  • Maher Hi guys im new i hope that i can make a lot of friends :D
    February 19, 2016

  • Keon Hey guys sorry I haven't been on in a while. Just been sick I guess. But how are you guys doing today?
    May 5