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  • NYU i cant get enough incest anime
    Mar 31

  • veronica So it finally happened... I can now see One Piece on crunchyroll <3
    Feb 26

  • SoraKH anyone miss the old site layout?
    Feb 9

  • Uzuni Noni Guys go join anime academy chat it’s a German chat but people speak English like me Hehe join it’s fun also, HAPPY NEW YEAR and end of a decade
    December 26, 2019

  • im gay is it bad that instead of doing school work i just binged hunter x hunter all day ????
    13 hours ago

  • Vashist Could someone tell me if Inuyasha was good. I can't really remember it but I think I want to watch it over. Your thoughts are welcomed. ????
    Apr 1

  • ❤ Rin Kagamine リン ❤ Hi Everyone, I'm Rin Kagamine, Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring, & Staying safe. Please leave me messages, I will answer them as soon as I can Love, Rin Kagamine リン
    Mar 26