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  • Anthony Joseph Suson Every musics that I heard which I thought I know which anime it is, it makes me feel like I had to watch that anime. I already have a backlog on watching anime.
    Apr 1

  • Phirefli Excited for the new update!
    Mar 19

  • sakuto I liked the older set up
    September 24, 2015

  • AngelicWarrior Me: *looks at the skies* Me: .............. Me: *looks at the clouds with a wtf look* Me: *sees the moon turn red* Me: ...... Me: *lost his appetite*
    Mar 20

  • Daniel Pretty much losing my mind everytime I see stuff relating to the FF7 Remake!!! Was my first final fantasy, uggg I can't wait until April 10th, 10 days before my birthday, which is also cool though
    Jan 19