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  • blueflareeyes Most of the eastern coast of the US (not sure about other regions) are being affected by a large scale DDoS attack on DynDNS servers. To sum it up, it'll be quite a bit before the internet will return to normal for the east coast and possibly even other regions due to savages who think its funny to cause issues.
    October 21, 2016

  • Maven im tIred
    November 28, 2018

  • sky hey im looking for anime to watch like tomorrows Nadja
    Jan 1

  • Mr.Biscuit Is there any android app for free anime? Btw I'm glad to see this site active lately ????
    November 7, 2019

  • Daniel Pretty much losing my mind everytime I see stuff relating to the FF7 Remake!!! Was my first final fantasy, uggg I can't wait until April 10th, 10 days before my birthday, which is also cool though
    Jan 19

  • Deku (clay) My back for real this time I’ll only be on for school hours tho
    Jan 9