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  • Mask Renegade had to upload it again
    Mon at 2:53 PM

  • Dazai Osamu Anyone interested hanging out with a weird dude?
    Jul 14

  • 하루하루 It's a mistake to call me GD, call me GOD if you wanna. -GD YESSSS
    February 4, 2016

  • AngelicWarrior Ever heard of getting lost? Well, look at your memory and figure out on your own....
    Jul 8

  • Daniel Im so tired of being in this world...nothing has gotten better, in years, and nothing ever will. I want to leave so badly...I have tried having my dr chnage my meds, Iv gone to therepy, I am just fucked. I dont want to live anymore, but I am stuck here, bc I dont know of a guaranteed way out without suffering
    Jul 4

  • Shigeru it's sad to feel like the place has been abandoned
    Jun 7