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  • MissyLee Looking forward to spending the day playing 7 Days To Die and relaxing on the couch :D 
    January 1, 2017

  • Maxxers I'm having the worst week. >0<
    May 31

  • JPJun I answered someones question about an anime with a extension I have. If you want to know what anime a image is from, give me the image and I will use the tool to help, I just remembered I had this tool :3
    Mon at 12:07 AM

  • masktiger i 10 year not play on this socnet
    May 10, 2018

  • Fox Favorite visual Novel ?
    Jun 18

  • veronica I've seen ppl saying that Jojo's bizzarre adventures is their favourit anime, so i decided to give it a try... my first impression of it is something like ''what the heck is this? why do ppl like this?''Maybe the beginning is just wierd and it gets better? I saw it until the mansion was burned down... So my question is : will it be worth looking at more episodes after that? will it get better?
    Jul 12