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  • BakaBoy If you listen closely to the first Tokyo Ghoul opening you'll hear koala taco xD
    16 hours ago

  • l l a m a. I don't wanna leave you lonely But I've run out of love this time You know that I adore you Though I couldn't give enough Hope you'll be safe in the arms of another 'Cause I can't take the weight of your love
    Tue at 8:53 PM

  • Dia Hello people
    Jul 14

  • DJX i am so pissed of rn so i wont be on for a week this is serious
    Jul 12

  • Yu Alexius Any fan of Elsword here?
    Jun 19

  • Triangle Kirito will defeat Thanos in Infinite Wars 2
    Jul 3

  • Trilphas God I wasn't able to access this bloody website months ago, and now it feels good to be able to access it again
    Jul 9