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  • Kagioshi Watching "Noblesse"
    Nov 19

  • Rennypoo64 hey guys haven''t been on here, been on like a grieving spell due to my dog dying in April
    Jun 26

  • im gay is it bad that instead of doing school work i just binged hunter x hunter all day ????
    Apr 7

  • MissyLee Looking forward to spending the day playing 7 Days To Die and relaxing on the couch :D 
    January 1, 2017

  • Phirefli Excited for the new update!
    Mar 19

  • Murmur-chan you kinda have to comment before you get off. It's impossible not to sorry, didn't make the rules so sad
    Oct 29

  • Vincent hmmmmmm
    November 16, 2019