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  • Spiky My anime question of the daaay:All Might said that he was originally planning to give his quirk to a UA student. So if he had never given it to midoriya and Midoriya never made it into the school which of the students do you think he'd have given it to? Or wich one do you wish he had given it to? Tell me the difference between which of you think and wih though please.
    Sep 6

  • Rennypoo64 ....When we think of legacy, we come to the ones that inspired us, that legacy turned into legend, and that legend will live on, thank you Stan Lee, for everything RIP 1922-2018
    Mon at 5:00 PM

  • Kawaii Nami Empty INBOX sucks !!! :(
    Tue at 12:14 PM

  • leo "esketit" they said it'll be fun they said
    Jan 28