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  • Silver-sama 無限大戦争私は大きな期待を寄せていました。 残念ながら、それは漫画本には全く従っていないと思います。なぜなら彼らは物語のある種の閉鎖を望んでいたからです。 私は多くの10の星の評価を見ました、そして、私は無限戦争以上にこの映画が好きな人の大多数を信じることができません。 私はそれが観る娯楽ではないと言っているのではなく、すべての英雄は物語に大きな代償を払って映画に収まることを余儀なくされたという感じです。 映画の中には、他のすべての驚異映画からのルールが破られ、他の人のためのスペースを作るために何時間ものスクリーンタイムにわたって構築されたキャラクターが減らされた瞬間があります。 物語は大きな欠陥でせいぜい平均的です。
    May 11

  • Harukaはるか ???????? When I was in class 6 , I used to ask a lot of questions. .....! One day, I asked my English Teacher, "Why do we ignore some letters in pronunciation eg. the letter H Hour, Honour .....etc? My English Teacher said, " We are not ignoring them; they're considered silent ......" I was even more confused .....? During the lunch break, my Teacher gave me her packed lunch and asked me to heat it in the Cafeteria. I ate all the food and returned her the empty plate....!!! My English Teacher : What happened? I told you to go and HEAT my food, you are returning me an empty plate. I replied, "Madam, I thought 'H' was silent.
    Oct 28

  • PIRATA (YAKUZA BOSS MlKKAKU) I want my old acc back..
    Oct 28

  • Kanna's Korner No
    Feb 13

  • L

  • PuppyChan Hooooow is everyone tonight? Kinda boring stalking the site in silence.
    Nov 7

  • JPJun I answered someones question about an anime with a extension I have. If you want to know what anime a image is from, give me the image and I will use the tool to help, I just remembered I had this tool :3
    Jul 15

  • Riolu "To further diversify ourselves," She continued, "Maybe we should have an African American in our group?" Jessica started laughing uncontrollably. Even Ayla was chuckling at that stupid comment. I always loved hearing these two wedas discuss diversity and political correctness with such ignorance. "What's so funny?" Fiona asked. "What are you Captain Planet all of a sudden?" I told her. - The Fiona Five
    October 1, 2018