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  • SoraKH sad how desolate this site has become. I've grown fond of some people i have meet on here. sad to see it in this state.
    Oct 18

  • Eccedentesiast Cheers to people who remember old members and shenanigans
    Nov 8

  • Ed! The Alchemist! I am going to post this for the Zelda fans out there!. That I am currently working very hard on a Big Legend of Zelda sequel movie to the original Return to the lands film!. If anyone has seen it. The Zelda movie coming will take place three years later from Breath of the Wild!.And will be the final chapter in the Zelda Trilogy. Plus it shall be better than the original Return to the lands!. The coming Zelda movie wont be out until 2021! but look for the trailer in some months!. The title of this Zelda movie will be The Legend of Zelda: A Breath between worlds. Thanks
    July 22, 2019

  • Natsu Dragneel never give up , be resilient & take care everyone ????
    Nov 13

  • BustyBookworm94 Tell me if you agree! Since Covid-19 has been around our selection of new animes have been lacking so much that with the Summer 2020 lineup I watched maybe 5 new animes. This Fall 2020 line up I am only really lookign forward to about 3 animes.
    Oct 9

  • Saitama site really did go down the drain eh
    September 23, 2019