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  • Saiko's Husbando I apologise if i dont respond to a post directed to me. I have this thing where if i dont get a reply in an hour i log off. I apologise sincerely if i hurt anyones feelings.
    Nov 11

  • Audiobeast Hey is here anyone who watched monogatari all series?
    Mar 9

  • Erza Scarlett -Sama Hello guys
    Oct 19

  • Naoki-sama Nya! (shirayuki neko) missing you rn...
    Aug 28

  • Ran "I am the shadow of your thoughts The crack in your heart The stain upon your soul And I will never ever leave you"
    Sep 15

  • Omg the fucked arrow
    Sep 22

  • Rie yolo yolo yo! yolo yolo yo!
    Oct 31

  • Algabraury Sometimes I wish I could get stuck in a video game or anime. Like I might die but it would be worth it.
    Oct 23