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  • veronica My sister moved to another town last summer and had the permission from the landlord to sublet her rented apartment to me and my husband because we wanted to move to a town closer to home and she said that we could stay as long as we wanted. flashforeward to marsh and she suddenly tells us '' you need to move out in 2 months. We asked why and she said that she was only allowed to rent it out for a year... Which she didnt tell us and when we asked why she said '' i didnt think i needed to because that is the way it is, ur only allowed to live in it one year.'' She decided to tell us this right before we were going on our honeymoon Telling my parents that we were going to be homeless because she had lied to us, and for once it seemed like they were upset on her when I have told them that she had done something... Luckely we were able to find an appartment to live in in May so we wont have to be homeless.... But as they are going to make some changes in the appartment we wont be able to live there until the end of the second week of may and we made an agreement with my sister that it wouldnt be a problem because they could stay in their appartment a few more days. Later she tells us that the new person that is going to live in their current appartment is going to move in last April, but there were no problem for them finding a place to sleep for a cpl of days. Now today.. me and my husband started at a new company this week... starting with 14 days of learning stuff then to pass an ''exam''to be able to work there. I was tired coming home and a lot of homework to do for tomorrow. She wanted to come by and leave some stuff in our storage to make it easier for them later when taking back the appartment. Even though she made problems for us that couldve made us homeless and not been honest to us about how long we could stay, and obviously being upset with her... we have cooperated and let her come whenever she wanted to place stuff in the storage with a smile on my face. Today i told her that its been a long day and i had a lot to do (which would be a hint for someone that today is not a good day) then i put away my phone to do the homework. Then she calls and tells me to give her the key to the storage, because obviously she didnt care and came anyway... knowing i said i had stuff to do, i opened the door and tossed the key when i saw her. well cant say i was rly aiming... Then when she returned the key she asked ''are you mad??'' and I said '' Well yeah i said today was busy, but you came anyway, maybe show a bit respect? Note that this was the only time i told that it was a bad time... Then she started preaching that ''People dont understand why I am being so nice to you guys!!! you should be glad i am allowing you to stay''' you dont cooperate at all and it is us who have to adjust to you... bla bla bla...'' She just want to toss in large furniture into the appartment which doesnt rly fit cus we obviously have furniture too, because she 100% care if we cannot move around in there... She is basically treating us like trash, because she things that she is such a nice and awesome person for ALLOWING us to stay days a few more days.... It was the landlords idea that we stayed a cpl of more days. My sister is the most toxic person in my life since childhood... I have turned the other cheek I would get shit if I told her and my family that I dont want nothing to do with her... My mental health is already bad enough... But after I get my new appartment I will just ghost her... Thanks for comming to my Ted Talk
    Apr 21

  • Ademar Wanted to get back into FF XIV. Sucks my subscription ended as soon as school did.
    December 20, 2018

  • Kage Hey good evening/morning/night/afternoon, how y all doing
    December 17, 2019

  • llama. Writing a meaningful post about popping in Woa after ages: ...sup?
    Aug 27

  • Twilightmoons Sooo! Just a question, How many of us are in school that goes to this site?
    Sep 3

  • sedoid only 10 members online now, thats a record to me.
    May 9, 2019

  • LunaNova I haven't been on this in nearly a year. but now i'm back
    November 23, 2016

  • Eby It's been a while, how is everyone?
    April 9, 2019