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Since 2009, World of Anime has grown from nothing into one of the largest anime community sites around. In order for the site to continue to grow and flourish, it takes lots of time and resources. Software, hardware, and lots of work to get it all working just right for all of you.

All of this costs money, and time. Quite a bit of it. If you would like to help support the site, you can do so below:

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You can make a donation through PayPal to support the ongoing costs of running and adding new features to World of Anime. Just click on the button below and select the amount you would like to donate.

Note that the name you see on the PayPal donation page is Envision Technologies. That is the legal name of the business that owns World of Anime. Any donation made through this link will be used to pay for expenses related to World of Anime - server costs, maintenance, upgrades, new features, etc...

There are other ways to support us, too. If you'd prefer to support us by buying stuff, you can find all of our affiliate links here