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by ✿♫❀ мєggℓє ❀♫✿ in Anime about May 4, 2016 open - report

What Order Should I Watch The Fate Series In?

So, I'm aware that there's many series of Fate, and I really want to get into the anime, but I have no idea in which order I should watch them. Can someone help me out? :3

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    by Nidhoggr about May 8, 2016

         Fate/Stay Night is based on a Visual Novel of the same name, which had three story routes: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works and Heavens Feel (no anime of that yet, but OVA coming soon). Fate/Zero is a light novel series written by a different author after the visual novel was released.

         The best order to watch it (in my opinion) is Fate/Stay Night (2006), Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. This is also the order the anime's were created in, however the reasons I recommend it as such are as follows: 1. Fate/Stay Night (2006) details the Fate route, going into detail about Saber, and helps you to understand her in the other two. 2. Fate/Zero was a prequel but was made sort of as a sequel (so it's kind of both); if you haven't seen Fate/Stay Night (2006) you may not fully appreciate everything in it. 3. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works follows the Unlimited Blade Works route concentrating of Shirou, Archer and Tohsaka, and leaves out some of Saber's story (thus #1). It also is a sequel of Fate/Zero, referencing many things from there. If you don't want to watch Fate/Stay Night (2006) for whatever reason, then you can still appreciate the story by watching Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade works (in that order), but you lose some of the surprises (they tell you right away Saber's identity) and may not fully experience Saber's story.

    As for the Magical Girl Illya series, watch it after either Fate/Stay Night (2006) or Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (doesn't matter). The same for the Carnival Phantasm series (if you've heard of it, very funny), but it helps if you've seen Tsukihime (same universe as Fate/Stay Night but little reference to anything from it and the anime of it is really boring).

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