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How do I collect points?

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by awkward._.zuzie in General about March 9, 2017 open - report

This isin't about anime, but I have to ask...

Hey, so do you people have any good but simple DIY's??

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    by Lyrst about March 12, 2017

    I'm assuming do it yourselfs..but it depends how much you want to spend. Personally after playing skyrim (and being given some money told to buy something, "fun" ..long story), I decided on some of which, a lockpick set..after playing skyrim, figured why not.
     I saw a video on youtube of a guy making one with a slight bent hairclip (like 15-30 degrees at the end) in an l shape, and another to push the lock...and showed how to pick one, with 2 hairpins and about 3 minutes. Should be easy to find.
     For recipe, I had an idea to try, sprite pudding. Get lemon pudding, and lime jello, make them both, and mix them in layers..or add some lime jello, and maybe try and shave it a bit to curl..lemon lime..sprite pudding.

     Full recipe - Potato flower. (seems complicated but isn't, just layering), take 8 long lettuce (i think it was romaine) pieces, arrange them on a plate in an X and + (8 points, dunno what the key is) shape, bake a potato and put it in the center, cut the same way, cross and an X so it opens up. - Next while baking the potato, cook some meat and later add it to the center of the potato -> lastly, add salsa (or other sauce..I like salsa) and either cheese or some other garnish...ends up looking like a flower. Veeery filling. Half a pack (200g) of meat should be more then enough per potato.

     I dunno where you live, but something to look into (not simple, but might be fun) is a 3d printer. There's a library here near toronto which has one, Basically you make something up in autocad to a certain size - and you can print it out of plastic. Could make a few things and build it and make your own lockpicks haha. They have metalic..among's pretty neat. I have a printed squirtle that I got from a demonstration by my tv.

    One more, cause it sounds funny. DIY Fudge pie. I found these little pie moulds about the size of a glass (bite size). And at the bulk barn - Lemon chips (like chocolate chips). Any basic fudge recipe, substitute chocolate - for the lemon chips, and poor that in the pie casing...fudge pie. You could also add meringe on top, or if you're feeling daring/different, try and make separate fudge out of yogurt chips (dunno if it'd work tho, wanted to try), and spike it with a fork and some orange food coloring to simulate meringue.

     Do it yourself drawing...grab a pencil....and paper...Doesn't get much more simple.

     If you're looking for something specific, you should be more specific, or else it's reaaaally hard to properly answer...but when in doubt, there's always youtube. You never know what you'll find with a do it yourself random..or how to build a/how to make a....Hope I gave some ideas, but youtube would definitely be better for inspiration..or google.

    I got some scalemail from a convention once, can buy some and knit yourself some armor (costly, but simple..I don't have the patience hahaha..I wanted to make naruto's coat at one point..) Good luck!

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