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by Yume-Chan in Anime about August 18, 2017 open - report

Best Anime Movie!

Hello movie enthusiasts! :) I just wanted to ask, what's the best anime movie that you've ever watched in your whole life? And why? The one who gets to explain their reason thoroughly, gets to win the Best Answer Award!! ^^
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  • 59

    by OLD-SOUL about December 30, 2017

    Most influential = Akira

    highest critically rated = Spirited Away

    best recieved = Your Name

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  • 3

    by Alucard about November 27, 2017

    Spirited Away and Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale as I can't decide between those two.

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    • Alucard
      by Alucard
      November 27, 2017

      As both both show how far one will go for someone you love.

  • 1

    by Audiobeast about September 28, 2017

    Koe no katachi
  • 2

    by Aaron about September 28, 2017

    A Silent Voice - Slice of Life/Romance

    Honestly, Slice of life and romance animes are not what I typically watch. I like magic and thrillers. So for this movie to capture my attention and make me pay attention is def. probably one of the best animes I've ever watched.

    It's about a young boy who bullies a deaf girl, does horrible things to her, and the girl just endures it. Pisses you off right?

    Ug, I feel like if I write out anything its just going to ruin the whole movie because I could go on a scene by scene and how I felt watching it.

    So I'll just say that it reminded me of when I was in HS where I didn't have friends growing up and deal with bullying (because I was fat and gay). So it pulled on my heart strings in that sense. That where you end up romantisizing romance and friendship. Where the main character pushes everyone away because all he knows is being alone and being teased. So he's cautious of everyone, and tries to pushe everyone away. Also the bully became the "bullied." As the story progresses and they get older you can see how some people changed and how some people didn't. Its just really cute and sad. There is social anxiety and some of the characters are contemplating suicide. So if you have suicidal tendicies I wouldn't suggest watching this movie. But if youre looking for a good little cry, then this movie is perfect.

  • 1

    by gabrielle rodriguez about September 19, 2017

    Ookami Kodomo Ame to yuki
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  • 2

    by Kaneki デッド about September 4, 2017

    A Silent Voice wins it in art and story

  • 1

    by Autumn Fire about September 4, 2017

    i personally think wolf children is really good if you havent ever heard about it owo

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  • 1

    by blank about August 26, 2017

    no game no life zero

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  • 1

    by Talha Riaz about August 26, 2017

    Bakemono no ko

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