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by Mirror in General about October 10, 2017 open - report

How you and your parents see anime and anime fans?

My Parents were angry when they found out I'm watching anime, and just like what some of you guys have experienced, they shouted at me and said that anime is an extremely bad thing, it would only make me weird and lower my academic performances. But I don't agree with and don't understand my parents because I have learned lots of life lessons from different anime series, on the other hand, my grades didn't get affected after I started watching anime.

So I want to know how you guys see anime and how your parents see anime and anime fans. Do your parent think anime is a good or bad? Do they think that anime fans are some weird people? Is anime a good thing or bad thing to you? How do you view the other anime fans like you?

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    by Riolu about January 15, 2018

    My mum is actually fine with it, As we watch some anime there and there. But she only likes people acting as in real people for movies.Kinda disappoints me that i wanted to watch this one anime with her before, but no. She's really missing out. I don't mind.But in the end we just watch all kinds of KDramas (which are an hour each for episode). But when i had a Printemps CD (Love Live! sub unit) she was asking if one of them were my girlfriend, it gave me a laugh. :3
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    by OLD-SOUL about December 30, 2017

    Know your parents care a great deal about you and regardless of their misguided intent you have to respect their guidance. However, they are incorrect and in order to change their opinions you will have to show them they are wrong with real world examples.

    Knowing what they saw you watching can dictate a lot of their opinion regarding the topic. Most parents simply see outlandish series and cuts from controversial clips that don’t represent anime overall. Think, if your parents saw you watching a scene from Mushishi they probably wouldn’t bat an eye, yet they walk in on you watching a scene from High school DxD and you can guess their opinions from that point on. Show your parents movies like (your name, a silent voice, the garden of words, princess mononoke, summer wars) and show them the amazing side of anime and all that it has to offer.

    So I graduated HS with a 3.85 and completed my bachelor’s degree with a 3.98. I have watched over 200+ series and read 100+ manga easily over the last 10 years. I work for one of the largest fortune 500 companies in the United States and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Simply prioritize your school work and save anime for your free time. To say that it hurts your academics is nonsense. Sit down with you parents, accept their feelings and make a deal: "I will maintain (this) minimum GPA and if it drops I will stop watching anime and prioritize studying, than keep at your schooling and enjoy anime.

    I particularly remember my parents coming in my room while I was watching Hellsing and obviously as a 12 year old they had concerns, so I explained to them why the series was good and of substance, and proved to them it would not affect me negatively by acting in a mature way. My parents became basically supportive due to my personal success at school.

    You have to empathize with your parents than work to change their perspective; if reason fails keep your anime watching on the down-low.

    ANIME FANS ARE WEIRD!!!!!!!!!! So is anime, manga, hot dogs, Overwatch, your parents, my parents, everybody’s parents, ect.

    And that is all great! Imagine if everything was clear cut and generic, what a boring world and tasteless reality. Revel in your uniqueness but never assume that makes you exceptional; simply use your eccentricities to make you exceptional.

    Anime brings you joy = good: Just don’t let it affect your life, but instead let it enhance it.

    Anime fans are not a homogeneous glob of Otaku gibberish and body pillows; they are a collective group of individuals with vastly different tastes, opinions, jobs, lives, love-ones, interests, and weirdness levels. Some are good some are bad and some should probably bathe more often- (convention reference/joke). We all share a passion for animation and that is good enough.

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    by Blue about December 21, 2017

    My dad and I love watching Shingeki no Kyojin and my mom and I watch Urahara together, my parents have no problem with them, they just think it's odd when characters are over sexualized, I agree with them though, it's not so great.

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    by Kabochiii (Digiti) about November 13, 2017

    I don't think that my parents know what anime is. They know that I watch some cartoons, haha, but they don't really mind since I do it when just relaxing. I think they trust my abilities to live and are ok with whatever I do as long as I don't screw up other things in my life ^^

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    by HarunaMiyuki about October 28, 2017

    My parents don't have a general idea of what anime is. 

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    by Perfectly Psychotic about October 27, 2017

    My parents are okay with watching it, but are always warning me about it. My mom doesn't get it that much, and my stepdad watches a little bit but has no idea what i'm talking about, when I go into fangirl mode and start randomly yelling about how kikyo needs to back up from inuyasha. 

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