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How do I collect points?

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by Ikwa - San in Anime about December 14, 2017 open - report

What's your favorite rating?

What's your favorite rating?

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    by OLD-SOUL about December 30, 2017


    So I’m taking a shot in the dark and saying the 1-10 scale is the standard for evaluation and is easy to percentage out (9/10=90%).

    However I am of the opinion that the best rating scale is the (do or do not) scale similar to the "should you watch" series of videos Demo-D used to make. Because, honestly regardless of the ultimate score each person is going to have their own preferences and subjective perspective on good media. Knowing whether or not you should bother with a series or manga with a yes or no answer take all of 5 seconds to acknowledge where as a detailed explanation and a random rating can take 5-20 minutes to convey and process, which leaves you with an ambiguous yes or no intent in the end anyway. Just pike a reviewer with similar taste and follow the recommendations. The anime review 4.0 for instance goes against a lot of my personal preferences, yet Gigak has yet to recommend an anime I didn’t at least enjoy to some extent.

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    by Clairisa about December 18, 2017

    Rating of what?
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