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How do I collect points?

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by Kayanna-Chin in Anime about March 4, 2018 open - report

What's your fav show and charater

What's your fav show and charatera. Tell everyone why you like them

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    by OLD-SOUL about March 18, 2018

    My favorite series could be many, however the one I have watched the most times would be “Outlaw Star” yet the series I have the most respect for would be “Cowboy Bebop”. A very None-contrarian perspective, but true none the less. Both space related as well.

    My favorite Character is Sato from “Ajin”, this was the first completely CG series I could stand to watch and this was in large part the excellent Manga and characters, as well as the creative use of their immortality in combat.

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    • Morgan
      by Morgan
      March 23, 2018

      Ajin was a really good series and manga and I actually recently had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Shuzo Shiota, President and CEO of Polygon picture.

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    by Morgan about March 13, 2018

    My Favourite Show is Guilty Crown.

    My Favourite character is Haruhiro fro "Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash". Why I like him is because his role in the party as a Thief (Rogue) which is usually my prefered role in rpg's. Also the way he handles the leadership position that had just been dumped on him. He does struggle but he keeps it cool and deals with problems in a controlled manner. He is also very caring toward the other members of his party and shows some level of remorse towards the enemies that he kills by treating the dead with respect which is contrasted by his fellow party member's, Ranta's, actions. 

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    by FudiFudi about March 6, 2018

    My favourite anime is Hunter X Hunter.

    Favourite character is Satou Kazuma from Konosuba. Why do i like him? He is pretty silly, goofy and cares for his comrades at the same time. His facial expressions in anime are priceless. His comic timing is great too. He believes in gender quality. xD

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    by NinjaKitKat about March 4, 2018

    zoro frome one piece because how can you not love him? <3

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    • Ash
      by Ash
      March 5, 2018


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    by Jiraiya senpai about March 4, 2018

    It's way too hard to choose just 1...
    But probably Tamura Reiko (Tamiya Ryouko) from Parasyte because of her deep thinking about existence, human-parasyte relationship and strategic capability. Besides she also ate humans and didn't die to the disease caused by prions wich is pretty cool.

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