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How do I collect points?

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by Sabina-chan in General about Mar 12 open - report

Making Friends!

Hi all otakus! My real name is Siba (a weird name I know). I’m female & 18 years old. I’m here to find new friends with the same interests as me. I’m mostly into romance animes/mangas and I also love playing otome games. I love drawing too. I hope we can be friends! :))
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    by kurosakirukia about Mar 29

    I also love drawing :)

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    by OLD-SOUL about Mar 18

    Certainly, however

    Friendship is important but, simply knowing ones hobbies and or interests is a fairly shallow reason for connecting with someone; culture, location, and persona are similarly relevant yet cannot define the person in question. Knowing one another through shared experiences is a more powerful tool when creating friendships with meaning. The first step is understands the reasons behind ones actions.

    With that said: what defines your actions or in this case (what do you desire out of an online friendship)?

    • Morgan
      by Morgan
      Mar 23

      No problem. I share you views since I meet most of my friends while gaming. And I find it easier to approach people in game than irl.

    • OLD-SOUL
      by OLD-SOUL
      Mar 24

      I have heard many similar experiences regarding parents and or family not excepting one's enjoyment of anime/manga/video-games/ect. Concern is a fairly common sentiment shared by parents but, know that they hold this concern for your wellbeing and it is...  more

    • Sabina-chan
      by Sabina-chan
      Mar 24

      I have nothing else to say. I agree with you 100%.

    • Morgan
      by Morgan
      Mar 24

      I'm not sure how parents came into the topic. I do however agree with what you say. I'm just a little lost ....

      but on the topic.. a group of us started an Anime Club at our school for the soul purpose of providing the student who have such parents to...  more

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    by Morgan about Mar 13

    I Like Friends! 

    *Clasps my mouth Shut after noticing what I had said*

    I mean, I would like to be a friend....

  • 1

    by Ayato about Mar 12

    Hello there
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