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by patrick in Anime about Feb 13 open - report

cat planet cuties was a very good anime right?

do u think cat planet cuties was a very good anime

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    by OLD-SOUL about Apr 28

    simple answer: yes


    complicated answer: definitely knew what demographic it was going for, good animation, streamlined story, characters likeable, ecchi elements not overdone, overall just what you wont from a romantic comedy.

    You have to remember that those that disliked it were coming into the series with a defined set of expectations, and often these expectations cannot be met given individual preferences.

    gauging your expectations accordingly can mean the difference between a 8/10 vs 4/10.

    so when people complain about a series because it did "this" and didn't have "that" all i can image is someone having just watched a UFC fight and then saying "that romance was too rushed, where was the character development, and the conflict seem to come out of nowhere"......really, I'm thinking you don't fundamentally understand this sport.

    Its about enjoyment, in the end as long as it was enjoyable that experience was a success!

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