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How do I collect points?

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by Traveler360 in Anime about September 20, 2019 open - report

A question about Enel from One Piece.

Hi guys :)
I will be honest with you, I asked this question in a lot of forums and still didn't get an answer, in fact, if you searched for this question on google chances are the poster is me. And I also asked people that watch One Piece as well and I'm still looking for answers. And this question is one of the main reasons why I joined this forum. And I'm not doing this because of any malicious intent, I genuinely don't know the answer.
So I'm hoping to find an answer here.
In the Skypiea arc in the One Piece anime series, Enel, who is the main antagonist of that arc, says he's "god", is that true?
And if so, does he mean he’s A god, like Thor from the Marvel comic book franchise or does he mean he’s THE God, the one one that Muslims and Christians pray to?
And did any of the Straw Hat Pirates believed him?
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    by Lovely Lace about December 3, 2019

    No, Enel just calls himself a god cause he’s the strongest around.  He uses the color of observation Haki (which is one of the three major Haki’s that can be learned by strong/talented people).  This gives him the power to sense things, and “see” things farther then eyes can see.  He is also a Logia devil fruit, meaning he is made out of an element (in his case lightning).  So they are really hard to hit/hurt, and he can see all across his island.  So he is virtually untouchable (being made of lightning), and very powerful (being made of lightning), with the ability to see all in his area (like being omniscient).  So he plays being a god. 

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    by JPJun about November 9, 2019

    I don't watch One Piece anymore, but I'm pretty sure he was just being egocentric. He thinks he is the strongest person ever. 

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