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How do I collect points?

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by Akemi in Anime about Sep 24 open - report

This is question too old-fashioned?

Who's ur anime crush?

Go on, answer it :)

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    by ∞ Kai ∞ / ★ Rycon ★ about Sep 24

    Mine are esdeath from akame ga kill ryuko matoi from kill la kill Erza from Fairy Tail Asuna Yuuki from sao rias gremory from High School DXD Hilda from outlaw star Tamaki from Fire Force Elizabeth from seven deadly sins Erina nakira from food wars and I forgot the last one...But those to be my crushes a long while ago
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    by Tyler about Sep 24

    That's a tough one... You can probably guess my number one from my profile picture.

    However, I can't stress how amazing Nagisa Furukawa is. Such a pure ❤ and an amazing friend through the entirety of Clannad.

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