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Five More Hours Remix

Posted by Detox
Mac Marathon Monday playlist Event:
Posted August 9, 2018
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    GXDDAMN I always wondered, what did you mean by "it's all been leading to this"? xD
    September 30, 2018
    GXDDAMN Still unanswered, tsk tsk.

    Also changing music cause it was there for too long
    November 29, 2018
  • Detox
    Detox Psh, It was just there to fill the empty space. It's like how we all have different story, the decisions we make, they are all leading upto current present, how it could have been so much different.

    And thank you. I love this song too <3
    November 30, 2018
    GXDDAMN Ah. That's deep.
    And you're welcome my sweetie. <3
    December 7, 2018