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ICON FOR HIRE - Happy Hurts (Lyric Video)

Lyric video for Happy Hurts from new album YOU CAN'T KILL US. Get the track: Get new Icon For Hire apparel here: Find Icon For Hire here: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Happy Hurts Happy hurts sometimes Blame it on the monsters in my mind I keep getting better at slowly getting worse What’s wrong with me when happy hurts This on again, off again temperamental affection For my darling depression is making me go mad I hear there’s a fine line between crazy and sad But I can’t tell a difference up close There’s a lot of us, you know, ill and undiagnosed But I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me what I already know I’m not alright, for tonight can we let that be alright? Pick the battle up again in the morning light And I’m fighting so hard To come out of the dark Trying to turn off the night Finally let in the light Trying to make my misery just a piece of my history A little less victim, a little more victory So today I feel okay, guess it was all just in my head I just need to try harder I guess Everyone else in the world seems to be doing alright Yeah I’m alright- for tonight- can we let the pain and the happy mix? Can the two co exist, the beauty next to the mess Because I swear I have them both already beating in my chest And if that makes me crazy, the numbers don’t lie But I don't call that crazy, I call it being alive If I had to pick between the way that I am And the way that everybody else seems to pretend I wouldn't consider it, not for even a second Between psycho and sanity it’s not even a question My favorite parts of myself seem to make the least sense All the cracks in my skin, they just let the light in My favorite parts of myself seem to make the least sense All the cracks in my skin let the light in
Posted January 19, 2017
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